At present we are at the Preferred Option Stage of the programme, this is the final stage of the consultation process. Your feedback on the proposed Preferred Option for the Strategy for the Blyth Estuary is important. If you have comments about the long term Preferred Option for the Strategy or about the short to medium term measures that will be implemented to achieve this then please complete the online questionnaire.

The results of the consultation on the Preferred Option have been be incorporated into the Strategy Report, which includes the findings of the technical and economic appraisals and the Strategic Environmental Assessment. Approval of the Strategy will then be sought from Defra, statutory consultees and the wider Blyth Estuary community before implementation of the Strategy’s findings can be carried out.

Have Your Say
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Summary of Consultation Responses to Date
Click here to review a summary of the responses received from the previous rounds of consultation on the Blyth Estuary Strategy.

The Blyth Strategy Consultation Group
A consultation group made of representatives of the local community has also been set up to provide guidance and information about local issues and provide comment on local objectives to be considered in the development of the strategy. The Blyth Consultation Group includes: