These European Directives have been translated into UK law by Habitats Regulations. The Habitat Regulations places a legal requirement on organisations such as the Environment Agency to replace designated habitat features lost (either directly or indirectly) as a result of flood defence works.

Coastal Habitat Management Plans (CHaMPs) form an important link in the coastal planning process for managing European sites. The CHaMP tries to predict what will happen to designated species and habitats as a result of long-term changes on the coast and in our estuaries.

The CHaMP identifies the necessary measures to ensure that future Shoreline Management Plans (SMPs) and Flood and Coastal Defence Strategies are compliant with the Habitats and Birds Directives. This is achieved by predicting the total area of inter-tidal and freshwater habitat to be re-created, and whereabouts on the estuary this should be done.

The Suffolk Coast and Estuaries ChaMP has recently been published and can be found here.