Environmental and Socio-economic considerations
There are a wide range of environmental issues that must be considered when reviewing options. A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) will be carried to find out how each option will affect:

The SEA will assess the options against strategy objectives. These strategy objectives will be developed through consideration of key environmental and socio-economic issues identified through consultation. Statutory organisations will provide objectives related to UK law and policy, whilst local community and interest groups and members of the general public have been asked to put forward their own objectives on how they would like to see the estuary flood defences managed.

Economic Considerations
The Environment Agency is funded by national and local government. The development of flood defence works must be carried out and justified using the rules set by the Treasury and the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra):

The study area is a very important part of the whole coastal region as an important conservation area and thriving tourist location. It is important to understand the effect that future changes in the study area will have on the Strategy. Therefore, the study of the assets to be protected in the Deben estuary area includes current land use and plans for the future development identified in Suffolk Coastal District Council’s Local Plan.