Tinkers & Reydon Marshes
Tinkers Marshes are situated on the south side of the Blyth estuary, and are made up of a diverse patchwork of freshwater grazing marsh, reedbed swamp and areas of open water. Tinkers Marshes have been designated as a Special Protection Area (SPA), under the Habitats Regulations, and a Ramsar site due to their internationally important populations of overwintering and breeding wildfowl and waders. Reydon Marshes lie on the north side of the estuary, to the north of Tinkers Marshes and are made up of improved grazing marsh and part of the Hen reedbeds site, designated as a Special Protection Area and Ramsar site.

Tinkers and Reydon marshes are protected by earth banks bordered by narrow salt marsh berms. These flood defence features protect large areas of freshwater grazing marsh, which lie below sea level. Due to changes in the volume and movement of tidal water within the estuary the areas of saltmarsh are eroding away, a process that will ultimately lead to the failure of the flood embankments that they support.

The options being considered for Reydon and Tinkers Marshes are illustrated in the ‘General Flood Management Options’ page are: